Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wonka Land

~~ Posted in September, 2010 ~~

Come with me and you will be
In a world of pure imagination 
Wonka Land's for everyone
Groovy, psychedelic ~ gobs of fun

A golden ticket will open the gate
A golden ticket will seal your fate

Spinning, whirling out of control
Closer, closer to the chocolate hole
Gobstoppers, suckers, fizzy drinks
Will cause you to burp ~ 

Hurry, hurry just don't slurp

Oompa Loompas and Slugworth too 

What will our Dear Wonka do

Lads and lassies, parents too
Meet their fate under Willy's purview

And from this greedy, clueless troop
One honest lad within the group

Charlie, sweet Charlie.. golden ticket in hand

Happiest lad in all the land


  1. Oh this is one of my childhood favourites as well. Great post Helen...loved it!

  2. awesome poem Helen! Love the flow (great movie too).

  3. Now I know how old I am, as WW hadn't been invented when I was a nipper! LOL :)

  4. Have to say I was always a bit wary of those Oompa Lumpah fellers but was glad when the other obnoxious kids all met sticky ends.

  5. Mmmmm - to be locked in a chocolate factory! Excellent poem on a sweet subject.

  6. Oh, great choice, great book, you've posted the ONLY film version and the poem's a delight.
    I'm loving this week!

  7. Those Oompa Lumpahs gave me the willies! I'm with Titus, this is the only film successfully made of this delicious tale.

  8. classic, those pictures sure bring back memories, great choice

  9. Loved the book and wish I had a gobstopper for every time I watched it with my children!

    You've brought it all back deliciously!

  10. :D this is lovely!
    Wonka Land, one stop destination!:)

  11. Lovely poem! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  12. Such a touching ode to Wilder and Wonka

  13. It makes me miss Wilder... and chocolate.

  14. This brings back memories of one of my childhood favorites.

  15. Soft spot for Gene Wilder ... an my daughter played the bratty girl in a kid's musical quite a few years back... great memories.