Thursday, June 9, 2011


last night mother 
came to me
in a dream 
incredibly real
I felt her presence

she smiled 
as though time had not passed
motioned to me
come here  ~ come close

or was it go back ~ retreat

neither choice right 
timing all wrong


  1. understanding what our parents want from us is hard enough in real life...much less dreams...smiles. nice 55.

  2. Helen...
    I just Love "Other World" 55's
    I've dreamed of My Mother...It always seems to mean something strange.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. You packed a lot of feeling in 55 words !

  4. Even with a mixed message, you dreamed of your mother and it was so real.

    I love when I dream of my mother as if time had never passed. I miss her.

    This is a good one, Helen.

  5. Interesting fifty five words.

    I don't dream of my mom, or my dad. for that matter.

  6. Big emotions. I like how neither choice seemed right. You express yourself so well.

  7. Dreams are often best understood when standing in the middle of the desert, looking up at the moon and stars, smelling the sage and the dust.

    I often dream of my mother-in-love, the woman who taught me how to love, for the sake of her son. She visits me frequently, danging down the hall. Last night, she drew on our walls and told me a story about spaghetti, all of it vague and strong at the same time.

    You must be channeling her!

  8. I love those visits from people no longer with us. Mrs. MM get lots of visits from my mom. She is always dancing down the hall...but this spaghetti thing??? Guess I'll have to ask.

  9. You captured both the nature of dreams and the nature of mother-daughter relationships. Good one.

  10. Oh, the mixed signals that inevitably get jumbled in our attemps at parenting. It's the hardest job ever.

  11. Beautifully written..... isn't it sweet when we have a dream/glimpse of our loved ones, even if we don't always understand a message or not.

  12. Yeah you just get a feeling about these things! thanks.

  13. YOur Mommy dream says something about how you felt about her, but in the end dreams are the bits and pieces of unused stuff you find while going through old cupboards of your mind. She was saying go back to sleep!

  14. I dream of both my parents, aunts and uncles who have gone on all the time. Sometimes the dreams are normal some are weird.

  15. Dreams are so allegorical - why can't they just hold up signs?