Friday, June 10, 2011

Gentle Jam

from first drop-kick
through end of a match 
 bulky forwards
speedy backs
endure painful hits
raking cleats
leg knocks
ruggers pretending
they're not bloodied and hurt
~~ everyone knows
it takes leather balls
to play rugby


  1. The leather balls line is great, but I must disagree with Mr Wilde. Football is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, while rugby is a hooligan's game played by gentlemen. (source unclear)

    Nice jam, Helen!

  2. haha...aint that true...smiles and you are not far off from my jam which i will put up players got to be a bit insane, i knew several in college...

  3. And American Football, I suppose, would be a Capitalist's game played by People Escaping Poverty.

  4. Good one! Was looking for 'scrum' in there somewhere :o)

  5. I started to use words like scrum, ruck and pitch .. then realized I may as well have been speaking another language for most readers!

  6. I don't know rugby from rugs here in California born and bred, but I know a scrum when I see one! Never fear the ignorance of your reader! For a good poem, I'll Google anything...

  7. Nice one Helen. I have a daughter who's mad into rugby (I'm football myself)

  8. Hooray Helen! A rugby one at last, and it made me smile.

  9. Oh, Helen, this is so good. I couldn't figure out what sport was being played here. Your poem made it CLEAR! Priceless conclusion.

  10. I'm glad your wrote about rugby instead of just pretending to like I did - great poem! And I LOVE the last line :)

  11. Not to worry, Helen. We understand lock, prop, scrum half, line out, and all the rest.

    BTW, have you ever played rugby? Lots of fun. I played in university. People will tell you about broken bones, concussions, gashes. But those only happen when people don't know what they're doing (mostly). Engaging and entertaining game, not to mention good exercise.

    What's next? Cricket? Now there's a gentleman's game.

  12. Watching gorgeously athletic men play sports is never a problem... even if I don't understand the rules. :)