Monday, July 4, 2011

Flower Power Jam

There was a time
A time when protests
Were staged with delicate blooms

Flowers placed in gun barrels
A non-violent version of violence
Demonstration rooted in love

We wore flowers in our hair
Flowers everywhere
We chanted 'make love, not war'

Where have all the flowers gone


  1. I love "Demonstrations rooted in love", Helen. Very nice!

  2. You make a lovely rhythm here, Helen, songlike echoes of another time.

  3. If I had remembered that song I would have used it for my poem. I used to sing it incessantly as a child.

  4. gimme a little acoustic guitar behind this and all of us sitting in a circle...very nice...where have they gone...

  5. Where have all the flowers gone? If you're going to demonstrate, why not do so in the name of love!!

  6. Flowers symbolize peace.

    Love the line best ~

  7. Enjoyed that Helen, and it was an angle on the prompt that I wasn't expecting at all. Poignant but not overdone.

  8. Beautiful words. Yes the flowers are all gone. As soon all of us who wore those flowers in our hair will be.
    Excellent poem.


  9. The Flower Children are still here, aren't we!
    But flowers in barrels or not, the guns were the first response of a regime that saw the people as the enemy.
    PS Chrome working. Fast and so far bug free!!! Yahoooo! Sorry, that's the opposition.