Saturday, August 6, 2011

Elegy For Poetry Jam

when I die
cobble together a brass band
one of each  ...
trumpet, saxophone, trombone
flute, clarinet, bass drum
lead my loved ones .. onlookers too
 through the streets of Caseyville
scatter my ashes, cut me loose .. let me soar
then dance the night away
raise your glasses in a toast
to life, to love .. to me


  1. I want an invitation to that party!

  2. ha...sounds like quite the party...that is the way i would like to go...none of this sadness, lets live it up one more time..

  3. Me too! I've already told my lot. No black clothes, only their most colourful clobber. The cheapest coffin (I'm not going to be in it for long). I really want to get hold of one of those cardboard ones and paint it myself. And 'Spirit in the Sky' as one of the pieces of music.

  4. I like the upbeat and spirited post... great celebration and party to go to ~

  5. An elegy for yourself: how wonderful! Let it rip! Will you keep this poem with your important papers so people will know what to do when you die?

  6. wonderful philosophy!
    let's party now, too, while you are still here.

  7. You're too young to have a will.
    Great notion!!

  8. I wrote the funniest comment I have ever written and it disappeared! Honest! :-)
    Basically it said have the wake while you are still here so you can hear all the things people will say about you when you do go so you can defend yourself!

  9. I thank you so much for telling me about your poem in response to my own post. I think it's beautiful and moving and has one hell of an intense theme. Is it possible, though, to party when a loved one has died? I don't know. For me, I think the closer someone was to me, the harder it would be to put my heart into rejoicing. I like the sentiment, and I wish I could do it, but I really don't think I could. It would be interesting to try. I would probably try anything at such a time if I were not prostrate on the floor with grief. After all, laughter really is the best medicine. But how does one find the courage?