Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magpie 77

Boys Of Summer

Edward Hopper ~ Summer Evening ~ 1947

Give me a break let me explain
I’m leaving tomorrow
On the two o’clock train

I know, I know
I’ve heard it before
It’s not big leagues
Just minor league ball

I have to attempt it
I’m tellin’ the truth
They tell me I play like
Hall of Famer Babe Ruth

Wait for me honey
Don’t let me down
Give me a pretty smile
Wipe off that frown

A major will draft me
Our dreams will come true
Have patience my darling
I do it for you


  1. ah i know many a boy that dreams to play ball...hope she waits...smiles.

  2. That is absolutely charming! Everything is perfect...including their dreams. :)

  3. Helen you've bowled me over with this one (don't know my sports tactics, so not sure if this is a pun or not!). It was fabulously plead, however. I'm sure she didn't really mind..!

  4. Love the flow and rhythm in this piece. If she does hold out, she'd better love baseball and travelling.

  5. I liked the font you have used, it suits perfectly to your piece...

    well I hope he comes back for good,but then baseball is always the first love!

  6. Helen- this is absolutely charming- and a mix of two wonderful memories from my youth-

  7. Yeah, baseball, summer, young love. Beautiful.

  8. You have definitely caught the eagerness, hope and promise of most young men's dreams. I love the rhythm of the entire poem.

  9. I reckon you read the body language so well that, if you had been born before 1947, the girl must have been you! XX

  10. Ah! You captured the moment a lot better than I did. Well done. :)

  11. Nicely captured. I looked back at the image and there they were.Him dreaming, her less sure.

  12. Young love and baseball--the essence of summer. Love the rhythm, too. Thank you!

  13. Helen, this should be set to music. Really. It has that song-like immediate engagement in the story. What a video it would make, too.
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. It's a little cooler here in the mountains today!

  14. You are so talented! I loved this..a few others seem to like the baseball theme...I went a totally different direction... I agree with Kathryn. This could be a song!