Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep In Dreamland

I’m no threat to you
suppose I should feel flattered
too old for these games

Creeping and crawling
so hard to make it across
something stopping me

Mommy guilt is tough
dream of abandoned babies
awaken in tears

Paralyzed with fear
orchestra ready to play
my throat is closing

Really terrified
trapped under English Channel
no way in or out

Mom and Dad alive
emotion overwhelming
don't awaken me


  1. wow last one felt...same with mommy guilt

    the first made me laugh...

  2. This is a real fun poem. Excellent.

  3. Oh, super and heart-tearing too. Wonderful photographs, and now you've made me think of the times I dream of my father. Maybe not so good...
    You moved me.

  4. I like these as a group, I like them individually. As I notice some people say in comments: interesting response to the prompt.

    These Helen haiku
    I see the pictures they make
    yard fills with sunlight

  5. Deep in dreamland indeed! Fun read, plus cool music and pictures. Nice meeting you at Poetry Jam!

  6. I enjoyed reading these very much Helen and also enjoyed the illustrations. I like the haiku form and seeing things stated so crisply and concisely. I am glad too that you did the second Mr. Linky after the first one did not work! (It was also neat to see a picture of you--I assume that is you at the top of the blog.

  7. Love you haiku! I especially got a kick out of the picture of the manatee with the red heels!

  8. What a wonderful collection of dreams! The haiku form underscores that fleeting nature of the dream state, too...I enjoyed this immensely, Helen.
    The Deep Freeze

  9. That's a different kind of 'Deep', and no mistake...

  10. The use of photographs, the variety of images to capture the variety of dreams intrigues me, and the last one, with the yearning, the shadows, "don't awaken me " is haunting.