Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Music For The New Year

Deal Me In

Hey look me over, 
white hair and all
living my best years, 
having quite a ball
don’t count me out folks, 
don’t pass me by
I figure because I’m still here on this earth 
you’re stuck with me – oh my 
and I’ll be up on my Facebook,
Twitter and more
the New Year is coming – 
don’t know what’s in store
I’m a little bit goofy and full of cheer, 
so let me give you some
to the New Year - 
here I come


  1. I adore Bea Arthur. Happy New Year, girl!

  2. If there was a like button, I'd click it. You go girl! Happy New Year to you.

  3. a little goofy and full of cheer is a great way to be helen...will take you just as you are...

  4. Hey Look Me Over is a good song to take off from. I like the goofy and full of cheer flavor of this one! Write On.

  5. thanks for your comments and for dropping by my blog...happy new year!

  6. Helen, I loved everything about this! On the new year a bit of 'goofy' is good! Your spirit is infectious, and I just want to say: "Go, Girl!"

  7. May we all live to sing this song like you! You go girl! The world needs more Helens!

  8. WOW! your recording on youtube BLEW! Me! AWAY!

    FABulous, Helen!!!

    i probably shouldn't say this, but since you went the extra mile and SANG your poem i will ~
    yours is THE best response to the prompt!

    thank you so much for sharing at Poetry Jam. you rock!

    dani ♥

  9. Fantastic Helen! You have a great voice! You go girl!!! Happy New Year to you!

  10. Very optimistic! Well penned!
    -Erick Flores

  11. Helen,

    Thanks for the Bea Arthur. I'd almost forgotten how much she brightened things!

    (Happy New Year!)

  12. great lyrics, well done.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Helen...
    You are a very creative and talented Lady, Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy New Year...G

  14. Ah Bea Arthur... what a character! And I watched the You Tube version of Judy Garland sing this song after Bea's. Sigh... Yes, look out World, here I come.

    Loved this spunky poem.