Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Squatters Have Rights

Do Squatters Have Rights?

homeless and hopeless
few options in sight
morph into squatters
believe it's their right
the system's against them
it wears them down
they occupy dwellings
in sketchy parts of town
what looms in their future
how long can this last
for now they are squatters
their die has been cast


  1. An excellent comment on a modern social scandal.

  2. and with it turning cold...many will soon die where they are squatting...

  3. Nice take on the theme - I like how the poem flowed. You are very talented!
    Visiting from the 'Poetry Jam'. :)

  4. Ah, wish that most of them had other choices. Unhappily, many are suffering and have no other place to call home.

    Enjoy your winter wonderland. Happy Holidays.

  5. This does really make you think Helen! You are not just are wise as well!

  6. Helen, so very true! So many really don't fit well within the system, and it seems hard to find a solution. Well 'jammed.'

  7. Your poem reflects a difficult and all too common situation for many. Nice job.

  8. beautiful in it's desperation... Easy for an "outsider" to see beauty, I suppose. Would I think this is beautiful if I were the one squatting?

  9. So well done - is that snow in your part of the world? Reminds me of the one winter I spent up north, where it would snow that much OVERNIGHT!!!!! Yoiks!

  10. This is a sobering piece, Helen. Made me think and I like poetry that does that. Thanks.

  11. Such a strong word choice, Helen, "Squatters" ... It inspired you, I can see, and feel, with enormous empathy.
    That "sketchier parts of town" line is especially good.

  12. the presentation of the poem, the edginess of desparation just called out clearly, makes me shudder. Your poem brings the feeling of "out of options" home. I agree with Brian about wondering how many will die where they squat as it turns cold.

  13. the problems some people face these days is hard for me to understand why there is not more help for simple housing....we live in strange times where one is afraid to ask someone in out of the cold.