Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laughing Jam

Stompin' The Grapes

They've asked us to join them
what shall we do
 redhead's a loony
 dark haired one too

Might be our last chance
long in the tooth
I'm game if you are
let's go sweet Ruth

Hike up your skirt dear
I'll hitched up my pants
Stompin' the grapes
A most sensuous dance

We're never too old 
For laughin' and playin'
Miss Lucy and Ethel 
Know what I'm sayin'

Inhibitions be gone
I love you dear Ruth
We'll stomp till we drop
And that's the God's truth

Throw your head back
Let the laughter pour out
We're kids again Ruthie
No time for doubt

Jump into that grape vat
Push them aside
Ours for the taking
What a wild ride

Cheers to you Ruthie
I've loved you so long
Stompin' and Rompin'
They're playing our song


  1. Oh yes!
    I remember stomping grapes!
    I should have written about it in my memoir. At the time, it seemed too much of a cliche, and already overdone.
    But it stands for sweet times and fun memories.

  2. "I'm in!".....Absolutely wonderful Helen!!!! :-)

  3. haha love it...what fun to be had in the stomping...what a fun episode to think back on too...

  4. You grabbed onto this with gusto! What a pleasure!

  5. Ah yes, brings back memories! Some humor never gets old!

  6. Smiled the whole way through this. Of course, I grew up watching reruns and now my kids adore her. They just laugh and laugh with Lucy. She will never grow old...