Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poetry Jam ~ Greek Gods

Apollo named the God of Sun
Neptune, God of the Sea
Vulcan served as God of Fire
No esprit de corps ~ scant camaraderie

Bacchus worshipped for knowing his wine
Hypnos for enabling deep sleep
Janus recognized for new beginnings
Pluto for ruling the underworld deep

God of Flight was Mercury
Mars was God of War
Pan adored for taming the wild
Zeus the ruler, the divine czar


  1. Excellent - and it would make a wonderful aide-memoire. I can see it being used in schools.

  2. I love Greek mythology and your poem illustrated it so well. Very nice take on the prompt!

  3. Still with us after all those years! I love their human foibles, their irritant traits, reminding us that even gods didn't have it together.

  4. Excellent -- and you are so right about the influence of Greek mythology. Since I do not do rhyme very well I am always impressed with poems that have rhyme and still read smoothly and naturally. You are good at this.

  5. ha...def the gods of greek lore did not have it together...which made them maybe a little more touchable...

  6. good, made me think and had a wonderful journey of thoughts........interesting.