Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry Jam ~ Tools

At the tender age of four
I wore designer dresses
Though that concept eluded me
Haute-couture not in my vocabulary

My frocks were fairy tale creations 
Made from feed sacks and remnants
Fashioned by my mother
One of a kind, custom, unique

Using a basic sewing machine, measuring tape
Hand made appliqué and smocking
Ruffles, buttons and lacy trims
Nary a pattern or dress form 

At a very grown-up fourteen 
I sketched my own designs
Flat images drawn on newspaper
Mother transformed them as though she had a magic wand

I was raised in a house of fashion
Where hand made and custom designed
Were synonymous 
The envy of my friends ~ I was always in vogue 


  1. Helen, I enjoyed this. My mother sewed, but mostly aprons and potholders and doll clothes. I took a sewing class once and made a dress. I hated it so much by the time I finished making it that I seldom wore it. Your mother must have been some seamstress to have you be the envy of your peers. Thanks again for 'jamming' with us!

  2. that is very mother sewed as well...and i remember the sound of the sewing machine and her patterning out the cloth...very cool memories...

  3. I wish that I could sew like that!

    I really enjoyed this.

  4. Lovely poem, Helen. It brought back memories of my mom teaching me how to sew. Nice way to connect through a craft. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. handsome poem about handsome clothes. Raised in a house of fashion, lucky you.

  6. Really? Lucky you! My mother was a creative woman but NOT with a sewing machine! Love this poem!

  7. I love this poem and the memories it stirs. My mother and grandmother were needlewomen too, and created a special wardrobe for me, just my own. I always felt special. I love creating clothing too, though more often from yarn, and i'm not as good as they were. A sewing machine is a wonderful tool.

  8. I, too, was blessed to have a mother who had great skill as a seamstress. See This (sewing) life.

  9. I wonder... do you still have a few of those clothing items? What a treasure and what a talented mother... I'd LOVE to see a photo.... :)