Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jammy Idioms

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Like the blind leading the blind
I keep beating 'round the bush
Down in the dumps
I'm falling through the cracks
Dragging my feet all the way down

I am in way over my head
Under the weather
Wet behind my ears
All the while rubbing folks the wrong way
And banging my head against a brick wall

Please, take me under your wing
I’m not ready to throw in the towel
Or jump the proverbial gun
I believe life is just a bowl of cherries
And easy as peach pie ~ live and let live


  1. Very clever, Helen! Love the way you helped put a new twist on so many tired old sayings. Thanks so much for participating in this week's Poetry Jam!

  2. If only we could all learn to live and let live, life would be so much sweeter for most of us. Nicely said Helen. :)

  3. A very unique and creative take on this week's prompt, Helen! Enjoyed this.

  4. haha...this was fun...idioms are is much easier to live and let live...for sure...a little understanding goes a long way...

  5. You've made it sound so easy and breezy! Good job!

  6. Very clever use of the old sayings. And surely one of the secrets of life is to live and let live. I always like coming to your blog and all you neat photos. I think of you as the woman with the iron horse!

  7. Helen you are very clever! I am an idiom lover, and you did a magnificent job of weaving them in around and through--excellent take on the prompt. Love your photos too--are they yours?

    And thank you for your visit and wonderful words :-)

    1. Yep, Sara ... they're mine (except for the heart/treble clef and the Brooklyn Bridge.)

  8. What a sensible philosophy! LOL

  9. Clever indeed. By the way my sis has an old white stove like the one in your photo...she uses it daily! Cute Three Blind mice too. I know most rhymes had/have some political meaning... I wonder what royal personage may have silenced (or at least hampered) three possibly valid heads of state? Pardon my being led astray, but that's what came to mind. Thanks for your visit. :)

  10. So nice and true......your insight is so good.....

  11. we certainly make life more difficult than it needs to be... nice

  12. I so enjoyed made me smile!