Friday, May 11, 2012

War Is Hell

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death, around them in every form
emotions run rampant
attempting indifference
they set aside feelings
go about the business of putting bodies back together
broken bodies with gaping wounds, turgid limbs
they’ve been taught how to manage this
accepting some will live, others not
physical wounds heal
emotional wounds linger


  1. Battle field medics, all emergency medics, have to deal with this. This is really well done!

  2. I wouldn't want to have that job. Great use of turgid, Helen!

  3. Well done and tragically true.

  4. its got to be brutal to be an army medic...def not a job i would want any day...

  5. "They’ve been taught how to manage this" ... What a great line.

  6. Such a great this instance, even the "whole" come home damaged, sadly. They need a ton of love and support.

  7. Excellent response to what I would have thought was a difficult prompt - though I don't find word prompts particularly helpful, at the best of times. I congratulate you heartily on what you have done with it.

  8. So very true. Sometimes the ones who return home with no visible wounds have the largest scars.

  9. You describe terrible situation very matter-of-factly and well. Thanks. k.