Wednesday, September 26, 2012

High Fashion

~ 1968 ~

The 60's

Panache .. élan .. flair
 Imitating Jackie .. Ethel .. Joan
Those Kennedy women
In sunglasses
With their signature sleek hair.

We couldn’t know
Or crystal-ball guess
How their worlds would collapse 
Lovely icons in black
Couture mourning dress


  1. Wow, you painted them so well~
    They so influenced our style~

    Love your photo n' your poem!

  2. yes . . . ouch! Well imaged and swiftly paced. How appropriate!

  3. So sad they would have to wear mourning fashion...great capture of the 60's and the Kennedy women.

  4. um, tht is 5 years before i was the glasses bring a rather sad tinge to fashion with the thoughts of death...rough for that family for sure...

  5. Love your photo and the pithy but sad poem. And Brian is such a BABY!!!

  6. Can I just say I gasped at your header photo? Gosh, I love it! And your poem is before my time as well, but my mom was young in those days and often talks of them and Jackie Kennedy.

  7. Wow, you look exactly the same now as you did then. Way to go! Love "haute couture mourning dress". I so remember those days.........sigh. Loved your poem.

  8. The black of the dress
    heartache to confess
    the sigh of the people as well.
    Twas an unhappy age,
    when the Camelot sage
    saw the world was going to H--L.

    Distinctly I remember. Je me souviens.

  9. The one thing they never lost was their classic beauty and grace. I love your poem!

  10. I enjoyed this glimpse back in time. Actually, I still like this style. It truly is sad what happened to all the Kennedy women though. Who could have guessed back then??

    I've been thinking about trying for a Lady Gaga look myself. (smiles)Why not!

  11. This is a wonderful tribute. It really does bring perspective.

  12. Oh, that last much tragedy awaiting. I remember the look, and the Kennedy women, very well. We thought they had it all, and we were wrong.

  13. Well, you are every bit as elegant!

  14. Jeepers.....those were the days. Hiding behind the hugest shades.