Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Moment in Time

My father passed away in 1958 ~ I was sixteen years old 

next week I will have lived
six hundred twenty two thousand
three hundred seventy three hours 
over two hundred thousand
more than my father
my protector, my security.

out of the blue .. gone.

for many months I lived in a daze
avoiding home, sisters, mother
bunking in night after night
with my best friend because she had a dad 
I felt safe, out of harm’s way
normal on the surface
in reality,I would never 
feel normal again


  1. A father,
    well remembered.

  2. Oh Helen, I cannot even imagine. What a poignant poem, obviously someone well loved, who loved you too. Beautiful.
    Have to send hugs, so heartfelt.

  3. oh it is so beautiful write....it is a sad truth that we all should go through it...I dread such thoughts....

  4. Lovely tribute Helen

  5. You have written it so beautifully !!!

  6. A powerful telling. I like this. You have told just enough and no more for the reader to catch something of the emotion of the time and its effect upon you. Very moving.

  7. felt...its hard...losing someone...losing that protector...a father....my wife lost her mom a bit back and it was very hard for her...hugs helen

  8. Sixteen in such a vulnerable age to lose a father; and this loss lives with a person forever, not having a chance to have gotten to know more....or feels those strong arms of protection.

  9. I like how you set up the story of a young teen dealing with her father's death by the tolling of the hours. A beautifully structured poem, one that makes me think of who I lived longer than and of myself as a teen with grandpa and a next door neighbor and the Kennedy boys and MLK.

  10. I'm sorry you lost you dad at such a young age. Your lucky to have had a friend like that, though.

  11. I was an adult when my father died; and I had not seen him in more than a decade. Yet, the feeling that my protector was gone was an overwhelming feeling for years after. Losses of this magnitude can never be overcome.

    Beautiful tribute, Helen.

  12. What a gorgeous tribute! Brought tears to my eyes, made me think about the day I'll have to say goodbye to my own dad, a day that I fear is approaching all too quickly. Fantastic poem!

  13. Helen, such a beautiful poignant poem. The suddenness and enormity of the loss are felt through your words. Beautifully done.

  14. I lost my Dad when I was 21--out of the blue--and had a similar reaction to you, avoiding facing the reality of the situation at home. So very difficult and I still miss my Dad. Excellent capture of this time in your life.

  15. These precious moments and they can disappear in an instant. It is so hard sometimes. Beautifully expressed!

  16. Helen this is so heartfelt and I know that awful feeling you had even though I was much older than you - 2 weeks off my 40th birthday when I lost my father. I was angry, very angry as I felt an undiagnosed illness should have been detected during the many company check ups especially the one mere weeks before he died. I was angry with everyone - him for leaving me even though I had a husband and two children and a mother. I felt cheated. I stood strong for almost 2 years whilst my mother grieved and then she bounced back. It was only then that reaction set in and boy did it ever!

    Marvellous tribute.

  17. We always remember the moments that shape our lives.

  18. thank you for sharing, Helen! *hugs*

  19. i lost my mom whn i was 5, still find it difficult to come to terms with. A very touching poem, loved it. :)

  20. I felt like an orphan at 28, I get so mad and jealous when I see people my age with their parents at special moments, like grads, or weddings. Losing a parent is very life altering.

  21. Dearest Helen,

    Happy Birthday tomorrow girl! You are ten years (almost...) ahead of me.
    It is sad for not having a Dad or a Mom, or sibling around but life is never easy. We must cherish he good memories we have left, the photos that are precious.
    Hugs to you,