Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strength Of Our Daughters

Image ~ Wikipedia Commons


give us strength to teach our daughters 

to understand the value of their gender

give us courage to teach our daughters 
to stand tall in the face of their own power

help us salvage our inner strength 
by turning it into the power of 
ten thousand tsunamis

give us courage to take back 
what is rightfully ours


  1. This sounds interesting. Would you please clear up the pronouns for me, though...I'm not sure about the references for each "her." Thanks!

  2. It is very important for young girls to understand that their worth is integral to their existence.

  3. i would agree that we need to raise the next generation to know what is theirs...and not necessarily the entitlement that they often learn now on other things but the things that really matter.....surely...

  4. I love it....great use of tsunamis ~ Great voice here ~

  5. What a voice you have here! Amazing~
    I too love the tsunamis in this context!

  6. Powerful and strong, Helen, and their strength begins in being empowered at home. I loved these! Love the photo, too.

  7. so true....loved theses lines......they have that power...

  8. Strong and powerful words..."a thousand tsunamis" yes they are coming.

  9. A thousand tsunamis .... so well said. We are that and more.

  10. Change starts with one generation. I hope they have the strength to teach their daughters the value of their gender too. Great writing!

  11. I hope the young women of North America read about the young women of Afghanistan, perhaps here at Real Toads. I know how easy it is to forget this continent is not the whole world, and the privileged young are not the only youngsters.
    Changes can happen. I remember the 60s.

  12. Your first landai is an important lesson for all young girls, no matter their location. Wonderfully written!