Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All About Love

Sisters, Oregon

what's love got to do with it?

ask the parents of a special needs child
who struggles with overwhelming challenges 
when they encounter insensitive folks 
who believe people with special needs 
are somehow lesser human beings

what's love got to do with it?

watch the family of a special needs child
as they respond to a smile, a touch 
realizing their child has the power to light up rooms
change lives for the better, inspire others 
by simply ''being"


  1. booyah! hey those are my kids...the ones i work with...its a hard life...and it taxes and will break many...i love it when parents get it though...when its not a burden but can be something beautiful in their life....

  2. beautiful - so true, love has everything to do with it!

  3. Beautiful poem, Helen. So very true. I have seen this as well. There is no greater joy than to watch the smile on the face of one of these kids who accomplishes something for the very first time!

  4. truly beautiful, Helen! a child's smile is worth a thousand words!

    thank you so much for joining in at Poetry Jam!


  5. how beautiful!!... can't find more words...

  6. Helen, you are so right--your words gave me goosebumps! Beautiful words do that :-) Thank you for joining me in the dance, too.

  7. I LOVE how you are standing up and speaking out for these children and their families!

  8. Helen......beautiful words to go with a beautiful picture....You changed your blog name yes??.....I haven't blogged in awhile but I know I used to visit you under a different header name.....or am I just getting old.

  9. Absolutely - there's a very interesting letter going around the last few days - a guy with Down's Syndrome responding to some comments Anne Coulter made recently using the "R" word. It's incredibly moving.

    Here - just found.

    You may like. k.

    1. I had heard about Anne's tasteless, cruel, stupid remark ... and the letter in response ~~ amazing!!

  10. Love this. Your sentiments are so true.

  11. I know where that is! I've never stopped to take a picture though. Yours is beautiful, as are your words about families with special needs children.

    I enjoyed catching up with your recent posts this morning, Helen. Lots of great stuff. There is snow up on Mt. Bachelor now!

    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    Kathy M.

  12. Lovely, Helen! How nice of you to stand up for special needs children and their families. Great message here :)

  13. Yes, yes, yes, and yes indeed! As I told Brian yesterday, I also cannot abide the word 'retard' it is mean, cruel and just plain nasty. If I've ever heard my teen utter it, I've pulled her up sharp and told her she'd better hope and pray she never has a child of her own and have someone who calls it that name or any other name when she ever has children. Their happy smiles are priceless.

  14. Amen to this! A wonderful poem, Helen!