Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Now Is The Hour

Look at that face
do you see evil there
smiling so sweetly 
witch oh-so-fair

what you can’t see
undoubtedly there
a heart made of stone 
you don’t stand a prayer

fire is her milieu
spells so grotesque
don’t let her fool you 
think ‘Kafkaesque’

steer clear of this witch
on All Hallow’s Eve
 I've given fair warning
don’t be naïve 


  1. My doors are shut, the windows, too,
    Rings on the bell are ignored;
    I will not venture out again
    Until daylight is restored!

  2. Oh, Helen, you have such fun with your pics! You really do make a lovely witch.

  3. Hehehe! I've just eaten a bowl of soup the same colour as the concoction in your cauldron - should I be worried? LOL

  4. um that last pic is getting a little freaky there...haha...smiles....happy halloween...

  5. But she's such a CUTE witch! Love the mood in this. In all of these offerings I am getting totally freaked out.......I will not be stirring from my place tonight!

  6. I would never doubt your word, or dare to call you adorable in that outfit, either. ;_) Happy Halloween, fellow witchy one.

  7. Never mind the bucket of vomit - Interesting candlestick. Any provenance?

  8. Oh no...I shall lock my doors and close the blinds! Love your Halloween poem!!

  9. I love your fun and energy, Helen! The top pic is fabulous!

  10. ...a heart made of stone

    I don't think so. How much fun you have!

  11. Fabulously creative response to the prompt, Helen. So well done.

  12. I love this and how your face is part of the view! Enchanting and hauntingly good! Love it~ Happy Halloween :D

  13. I love what you did with the picture...bewitching witch ~ Happy Halloween ~

  14. That picture is fantastic and I dont believe a word you know. And so glad i found where you are now...Happy Halloween to you Helen.

  15. You awesome photos match with your words perfectly Helen! Love it! Looks like you had a howling time this Halloween!!

  16. I will be careful! If pictures do not lie, you are so totally into it! And this is a good reminder to, to read the book and not just the cover.