Friday, November 30, 2012


Making A Connection ~~ Or Not

believing she can do most anything 
Helen will now connect
her television to a DVD/VCR combo player 
through a black box, a cable BOX!
 manuals make it sound simple
lovely diagrams ~ some even color coded ..
a moron could do this ~ right!  In her sleep ~ yes!
I am here to tell you
it is NOT that simple!
finally I give in, raise the white flag ~ surrender 
 call the cable company Help Line,
a soothing male voice murmurs 
"this is Jordan, how may I help you?"
I attempt to maintain my calm, my cool
I will not let this guy know I have lost it ~ BIG TIME!
after what feels like twelve hours of telephone tutoring 
Jordan and I? we give up the good fight 
last words I hear?
we'll have someone out to hook you up 
in .. let's see .. two weeks from today
and I reach for my glass of wine!


  1. Only Connect if you have no bottle of wine for the waiting :-)
    It's a plot to make us feel inferior.

  2. Lol... Enough of that wine and nothing matters anymore. Whatever happen to take it out of the box and plug it in now you're ready....simple days

  3. haha there are def times i raise the red flag on trying to put something the necessity...smiles...i feel you....

  4. have we not all been there? terrific poetic explanation of technological frustration.

  5. Ha ha, this resonated with me as well. I hate it when I have to talk to 'technical support' in order to enable connection. And, after all you went through, they can only come out two weeks in the future...I would be livid. "Connections" are SO important.

  6. I'm actually pretty good at this...but then I never touch it again for fear of messing it up. I can never move!

  7. OH you are SO singing my song!!!!! I am not even able to master talking into a cell phone (where is the HOLE?????) never mind anything more complicated. No one is allowed to mess with a remote in my house because once the wrong button is clicked I am DOOMED.

  8. LOL--I enjoyed this one. Like you, I usually think I can do anything and it comes as a rude awakening when it is not the case!

  9. LOL..... You remind me of me... but... I don't give up until I either collapse from exhaustion or, tear all my hair out, whichever happens first.
    No, I do admit, sometimes I even have to call the help line in somethings...
    Thanks for the chuckles.

  10. Wonderful word snapshot and illustration of a common moment and feeling--if not on this connection than on another. And to connect through such humor, not quite drunken--is a total gift. Thank you! (Two weeks is a lot of wine or poetry!)

  11. Ha ha ha ... it must be frustrating !!!

  12. LOL, those impossible cable connections. Two weeks!

  13. hah! well told, universally experienced :)

  14. I'm not inclined in that way either, Helen!! You capture it SO well! :)

  15. I know exactly what you mean! - But I blame the manual writers. Excellent write.

  16. Good one!!

  17. LOL I am the tech person around our house. When I can't do it, I wave the white flag and say, "send someone out."