Friday, November 30, 2012

For Carl


I watch as you leave our home

fiercely independent

'no mom ... I can walk'

I worry about your shoes

are they sturdy enough

to keep you pain-free all day

are you warm enough

dry enough, cool enough

I wonder if stress

will trigger a migraine

bring your day to a halt

we navigate the city

strangers call out 'hey Carl'

you say 'oh, they're just customers' 

Safeway ~ front of the store, your stage, arena

where everybody knows your name 


  1. I worry... We never stop, do we?

  2. You have brought our the relation so well ... loved it !!!

  3. They remain our responsibility for ever.

  4. Where everybody knows your name . . .
    That is a protection though there are no guarantees. Still, life and letting life are worth it, yes? Fine poem!

  5. You have captured the essence of mother love here: and alternate clinging and driving away from them.

  6. A mother is always a mother. I went to the Dr, thought I had an ulcer. Doc came back...and said, "you are pregnant and the heart burn will last at least 18 yrs." (No, it lasts a lifetime)

    I love how you took us there and the ending so captured the show must go on...
    well done

  7. dad is like that...downtown, everyone knows him....and i wonder if moms ever stop being moms....smiles....maybe not...

  8. I really like the pov you decided to use for this, Helen...great write. :)

  9. Excellent poem - a mother always worries!