Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pastiche ~ Santa Baby

Mr. Santa I've got a tiny wish for mankind ... for all
A plea for world peace right now Mr. Santa
Oh can't you make it happen tonight

Mr. Santa the planet's turning warmer than warm ... it's true

We need solutions right now Mr. Santa 
Oh can't you make it happen tonight

Think of all the folks in need

You could make it happen with one good deed
Let's make next year full of cheer
You can do it Santa dear

Santa honey does anything I'm askin' make sense ... do tell

The world's a-hurtin' right now Mr. Santa
Oh can't you make it better tonight

Santa cutie our country seems a bit out of sync ... right now

Needin' an intervention quick Mr. Santa
Oh won't you make it happen tonight

Santa sweetie a bit of Christmas cheer is my wish ... this year

For friends and family alike Mr. Santa
Oh won't you grant it swiftly tonight 

Think of all the good you'd do

Wiping clean the slate makin' things brand new
Pack your sleigh with magic dust
In you Santa we place our trust

Santa darling I wonder if I've asked for too much ... this time

There's always next year my friend Mr. Santa
Can't wait to meet you later tonight
Can't wait to meet you later tonight

Added 1/1/2017 ~ My musical letter to Santa


  1. the message you embedded in the song....great choice as well..ha..would be nice if your wish would be granted though i wonder even with a clean slate how quick we would jack it back up...

  2. Love what you did with your pastiche Helen! You rock! :-)

  3. I didn't sing along, because I could hear Eartha Kitt in my head. She was wonderful.
    Your Christmas wishes are wonderful, and I hope they all come true.

  4. I love it! Now, if I could just get it out of my head!! Major earworm attack!

  5. May your wishes come true. Merry Christmas.

  6. I love how fun and sweet yours is! Well done! I love the magic you have created~ Happy Holidays to you~

  7. This is definitely a timely message for Santa. If only he could.... Wishing YOU a merry Christmas, Helen.

  8. this is so clever! Love it! Have a Merry Christmas, Helen!

  9. Sweet Santa baby - I second (or 10 billion)all your wishes.

  10. No you've not asked too much. Sometimes I think the world's in the mess it is because we don't ask enough. Of ourselves, our leaders -- and those who are just standing in the wings.

    A really happy Christmas to you and all yours.

  11. Santa honey... How sweet is that? I hope he takes your wish list into account this year. I love your approach to the idea of pastiche.

  12. What a great list you created! Earth Kitt's rendition is great; just, I thought I'd hear your very own voice Helen.
    I can't think of better wishes for mankind.
    May Santa make all of this happen!