Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh Mama!

I feel wind brushing cross my face
 power of the bike
under my legs .. vroooommmm
hair tucked inside my helmet
goggles in place
I lean into the curves
ride that twisty road
hold on with all my might
arms wrapped securely 
'round my son
the ride of my life
a motorcycle mama 


  1. am fairly certain my son will ride soon enough...he is 8 and been wanting a dirt bike about 6 years now....smiles...i def like to ride myself but haven't had one in years....did do some snow riding a couple years ago...which is rather fun on a dirt bike...

  2. Ah .. it starts out wild and willful ... and ends so sweetly, so devotedly.

  3. I enjoyed this: the change from fearsome rider to gentle passenger with the same bravado.

  4. wow... go, woman, go!
    my parents are both motorcycle enthusiasts, as is my mother in law, but my old man and i did not inherit the gene. still growing up the way i did, i see the freedom and expression in your words. love the tender end too.

  5. Haha - you are one hot mama! Great words and picture! :o)

  6. This one was fun--and I like the photos which I assume are you, one version of the motor cycle mama!

  7. Helen, first of all, I loved the photos of you! I once had a serious boyfriend with a motorcycle, and I loved riding on the back of his 'bike.' Now I realize just how dangerous it is, and when my grandson talks about motorcycles I hope he will change his mind. I like the progression of your poem. At the beginning I think of you doing driving, and at the end it is you behind your son. Nice poem really.....

  8. I love it! You look smashing in that outfit, my deah. But no smashin on the bike, 'kay? This was really fun, Helen.

  9. Gitcher motor runnin.....

    Love it!

  10. Yeah!! What fun! My husband and I rode motorcycles years a go. Born to be wild! :)

  11. I grew up with motorcycles-so fun! I love your poem and your fab photo!
    You look great, so happy...yes, we need to go and do what makes our motors run ;D

  12. I would have never imagined... they are fun, though.