Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trading Places

... from the animal's point of view

St. Louis Zoo ~ Photography by Helen


What if today
right here in this zoo
The real focus shifted from me
Straight to you

Turning the tables
Upsetting the carts
Me .. watching you
Usin’ all of my smarts

The plan is quite genius
You have to agree
You .. behind bars
Me running free

You with this junk food
And playthings galore
An out-of-shape human
Need I say more

Just for today
Let me be the one
Joking and laughing
Having all of the fun


  1. Helen, so well done! That is exactly how I feel about seeing any animal behind bars--especially the chimps. Thank you for giving them a poetic voice :-)

  2. If only we could turn the tables even for just one day....we sure would appreciate all God's creatures so much more!....Love this Helen! :-)

  3. Exactly what i feel the monkeys are thinking when i watch them :-)

  4. out of shape human, need i say more...well no you nailed it pretty well right there...hahaha...planet of the apes...i dont know that we would do very well in the enclosures...not after knowing freedom...i guess so do they...smiles.

  5. This made me smile, Helen! So often I look at those animals in the zoo and think what must they be thinking as we point at them, take photos, try to get them to look at us. I do wonder how they would treat us if WE were in the cages. Hmmm, maybe I don't want to know. Smiles. A thought-provoking poem.

  6. I love your turning the focus is terrific. I imagine the animals spend a lot of time thinking about life on the other side of the cage and bars. It's why I find zoos sad, much as I love to look at the animals.

  7. It is interesting. I watch the chimps and gorillas (two just had a little babies this past year) and they purposely don't look our way. And when they do, they make eye contact!!!

  8. Sounds fair to me! Helen, have you ever heard James Taylor's song "Gorilla"? You'd love it.

  9. I love this one Helen! And yes the chimps do indeed deserve their day!

  10. I'm accustomed to living in a cage. In a human filing cabinet (apartment building.)


  11. That would be a swell thing to do ~ And I hate animals behind the cage and zoo ~

  12. This is great...loved your spin. Such a fun write Helen--you are dang good at those.

  13. Oh, I love this, Helen. What a unique look at things from the other side of the glass.

  14. Brilliant! You just have to applaud, both the monkey and the poet!!

  15. Wonder what the animals must think as we stand there watching with all our gadgets!

  16. Beautifully funny! I really enjoyed reading this piece!

  17. you really nailed it with this one, Helen! reminded me of the Planet of the Apes movies.

  18. A wonderful switch...great job.