Friday, January 4, 2013

Trapped ...

The Philip Johnson Glass House, a National Trust Historic Site

transparent ...

all is not as it seems
squeaky clean, unspoiled, untouched
it's how they want you to see them 

look closely through the windows
into the core of the house
hearts beat black, erratic
like an arrhythmia that threatens to
snuff out the life force 

look through the windows
to the lush green beyond 
at what you cannot see, envisage
the invisible darkness permeating
every square inch of this prison

many enter
no one exits 
all is not as it seems 


  1. That last stanza is chilling ~ Alas behind the clean view, evil lurks within ~ Good one Helen ~

  2. ah if houses were made of glass...imagine all the things we would be aghast at...yes, not all is as it seems...

  3. I enjoyed this, Helen. I do wonder if there is more of a story behind this particular house. You really gave it quite an evil personality!

  4. I enjoyed your unique take on windows. I love living close to the outdoors - but that many windows would pose a few logistical problems:-)

  5. Sounds like a good opening for a spooky movie Helen. The photo of the glass house is interesting--hope it is in a temperate place as keeping it warm or cool looks nearly impossible. Might as well be camping! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. ... not very temperate ~~ New Canaan, CT. for more info!

  6. Being one who loves quite a bit of solitude, a place like that would feel like prison to me. It would be like being on display at a zoo. Nice me thinking.

  7. Oh how true what we see is not always what is...great piece!

  8. You certainly raise the point that one never knows what goes on inside other people's homes, as transparent as their lives may seem.

  9. Interesting point you've raised here...thanks for making us thing twice!

  10. So cool, Helen!! Your image choice and the tale that you spin here for us! Dark and intriguing!

  11. Oooh, scary, Helen! You're so right, all is not as it seems.

  12. Aiiieee! This is not a house, it is a gateway to hell. Transparency is OK in itself, but not lack of privacy forever.