Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Welder

Canvas oil painting by Paton Miller, titled "Blue Welder"

Photography ~ Helen Dehner @ Portland International Airport
Exhibition of art celebrating the people and industrial life on the 
Portland Harbor.

waterfront laborer as artist
metal his chosen medium 
plasma cutter, flame thrower
his artisan tools

wielding an acetylene torch
with the brash aplomb 
and fluidity of a Calder
his creativity unleashed


  1. on just the surface level, this is really there are some welder artists out that that do some great industrial art...we have a garden nearby that has industrial art in it...very cool..

  2. Neat picture with this Helen and I like the welder as artist idea.

  3. The comparison of the process and the product of welder to those of the artist is powerful and eye opening, too. You capture that truth in a sweeping gesture of words. To extend the metaphor you have here, you could go into more detail by describing the steps of a Calder and the painting of a Matisse, not just the fluidity but the tools. The poem works beautifully as is, however, and might lose some of its power if too detailed.

    1. I just realized that above your poem and its fun illustration, your banner also illustrates this poem!

    2. Thank you so much for the comment ... I considered going into more detail regarding Calder and Matisse, but heard that little voice in my head saying 'compare, do not describe.'

  4. Nicely done! I like the metaphor you used in this one!

  5. So perfect, Helen. Every craftsman could and should be an artist.

  6. Sweet -- artist metaphor for the craftsman -- an obvious beauty. I respect craftsmen/women so very much (with envy, actually). I you illustrate their amazing gifts wells. Cool pic -- I found a link for you, but unable to find other paintings by this fellow. Painters but poets to shame -- don't you think. It is magic to me. And heck, craftsmen/women are even more amazing at times. We all support each other.

  7. Your comparison is vivid, especially to those of us who like Calder and adore Matisse. I like this a lot.

  8. Like the artist as a laborer, using flame, metals and fire to unleash creativity ~ Good work here Helen ~

  9. Welcome back, Helen. I hope your trip was a nice one. You were missed.

  10. Yes, excellent poem. I really go for this.