Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild After All Of These Years

With Permission ~~ Chakradance

Wild Woman

aging comes with benefits
I have come to learn ~
laugh at my many exploits
few bridges left to burn

I’m a mom and I’m a grandma
let's set the record straight ~
matriarch and role model
demeanor quite sedate

a word of caution loved ones
you’d best stop reading now
things you may not want to know ~
I will firmly disavow

I’ve tripped the light fantastic
frolicked topless on a beach
sang karaoke throughout the night ~
fame just beyond my reach

played softball in a downpour
tennis all night long ~
found love in far off places
wore a bikini thong

I’ve inhaled on a doobie
only twice ~ on this I swear
at times a wee bit tipsy
never the worse for wear

I flashed a Disney cruise ship
“Feast on these” ~ as I hoisted my shirt
lucky no one saw me ~
no foul, no harm, no hurt

I’ve loved with wild abandon
a few amazing men ~
re-do as an option?
I’d live it all again


  1. This is delightful, Helen. Who wants to look back on life and say: I played it safe. More power to you, wild woman.

  2. I wish I should have done the same ~ Yes, re-do it all over again ~

    I love the picture image too~

    Cheers for the wild woman Helen ~

  3. def embrace the moniker of wild woman well helen...i hope i always follow your lead in living life....really fun piece...smiles...and good to see you back more.

  4. "Still going full bore" is great, Helen. I'm proud of you for that. I'm going half- or quarter-bore, but I'm still going, "moving ahead so life won't pass me by" as Jim Croce said.

  5. I love it! You have been wilder than I ever was, Helen. Who knew? (cackle!) Good for you. Yes, our families wouldnt recognize us in these poems, we grandmas!

    Makes me think of my son calling me up one night in 1993, when I was at the blockades at Clayoquot Sound, to say "Mom, I saw you tonight on the news, dancing around in the road with a bunch of hippies." Yup. That was me!

    Love this, Helen. Thanks for writing to my prompt.

  6. Ehhh I'll sound bit creepy if I say I would love all of these from my woman... honestly I'm saying so :)

  7. Wow ... what a fun poetry ... It felt great to be a part of this adventurous life through your words :-)

  8. I've never worn a thong as I think I'd be trying to get rid of the wedgie, but my fat, homely self has skinny dipped. Strangely enough, I only swim alone late at night when no-one else is likely to be utilizing the pool, because I can't stand the idea of anyone seeing my not socially acceptable (in our thin-centric society) body in a swim suit.

  9. My wild spaces are in the mind and soul! My thoughts tend to connect to other realms, maybe dimensions where time is timeless! All these wild profiles have been so exciting to read!

  10. Going full bore, then?
    And not yet a bore?
    Good for you then.
    Think I'll join your club!

  11. I absolutely love your indomitable spirit!
    So many gave me smiles.
    Laughed out loud at "Flashed a Disney cruise ship."
    Raising my glass to you!

  12. A fun story to read of all the the wild things that had set you free..nice..

  13. Loved it Helen! And while I wouldn't say I'd do it *ALL* again, I sure would do everything I liked! That's a great pic, too.

  14. Amen. Wonderful! You are revealing a wildness I haven't begun to talk about yet, with a special emphasis on the freedom of body that allows for unself-conscious nakedness. I can see you smiling with all of these images to rerun!

  15. I love your wild self...
    YOU have lived and tip-toed in the deep end of the pool! Bravo for that! ;D

    I love the freedom in your verse....I want to dance at dawn on the shore of childhood and bask in the glory of my wrinkles!

    <3 yours!

  16. It's important to never slow down, not till youre forced to stop

  17. hah, love it. staying wild IS like riding a bike :)

  18. Atta Girl! You clearly released the fear and embraced the world right off the bat. Impressive!

  19. I LOVE every "shocking," ;) detail, Helen!!! It is so liberating to flash a ship or two, I think!! Fun write!! :)

  20. Helen - this was great! What a wonderful life and I love that you warned your family to stop reading! Have fun and wild times always!

  21. Love it Helen! 'Sedate' is not a word I would ever associate with you!

    1. And that's a VERY good thing! You're much to full of fun and life to be sedate!