Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's It All About?

                                                            with permission ~ Chakradance


Some say you’re born with it
like blue eyes and black hair
 destined to stand out in a crowd

I say .. ya gotta work pretty damned hard to get it

Some say you’re cursed if you have it
posturing, playing games
an image to maintain you know

Damned exhausting .. if you ask me

Some say if you have enough charisma
your looks don’t have to be so great
others will consider you ‘strangely attractive’

I say  .. that’s a bunch of bull


  1. I believe force of personality will get one much further than looks. Nice one, Helen.

  2. I had an old flame tell me once I didn't have to worry, it wasn't looks, it was personality. I felt OH so flattered. ;_) That has to be the original left-handed compliment.

  3. Sounds exhausting to me, too!

  4. argh, this makes me need more coffee.

  5. smiles...i think there are some people...and i dont know that it is charisma, but they just have something about them that draws people to them...which i think is a bit different than the slick oil salesman in this...

  6. It's what's inside that counts - not surface looks...

  7. Yes, exhausting........I love this, especially the "strangely attractive" part. Hee hee.

  8. I don't have it, but I believe in it, and I've learned that it's something to be wary of because it can lead one to trust when trust isn't warranted.

  9. charisma --ah--you're born with. And I know I've merely envied it. Oh well...

  10. "Charisma" was my code word for "dandruff" when I was a kid.
    It seems to fit here too. It don't make you magic.
    And if Chrisma makes you magic, it does so to the wrong people.
    Cool playful poem

  11. This is excellent, Helen, but, unfortunately, the word "charisma" always makes me think of Pierre Trudeau, as the news pundits always touted him as the first Canadian prime minister to have it. Fortunately, he was also a good prime minister.

  12. Spot on--I know many people who have it and like Snowbush, I have trusted when I shouldn't have--

  13. *sigh* Sounds like you can't win - or you can't lose! :o)

  14. Damned if you have it, damned if you don' it!

  15. I liken charisma to personalitybmore than looks. You know you have both looks and personality in spades. Chutzpah even more than charisma. Not even sure what any of these words mean. Good thought provoking piece Helen.

  16. Well, so much for trying to tell you I'm a charismatic Bear.

    Peculiar, delightful poem. Thanks.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  17. Too much! I am cracking up! You have caught me in the middle of more questions that have no answers! Love it.

  18. I know people with that certain "something", they aren't attractive by Hollywood standards, but their energy and fun just draw people. I'll take that over looks any day... well, maybe I'll take both. Ha ha.