Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yes, It's Day Twenty-two!

Gall Bladder Gone Bad

Well, I done got it that gall bladder disease

couldn't hold it off till I reached mid-80's!
this stone is a big one on that you can bet
tell me it's easy, simple ~ no sweat!!

will I feel different

will I still function
seems I've come to a 
life-altering junction

hang in there liver ~ hang in there spleen

pancreas, kidneys ~ stay healthy and clean
I'll need all my parts the rest of my life
no more of taking me 'under the knife'

well ... except for my right hip

it needs a new joint 
if I want to stay active
and that's the whole point!

gall-bladder's gone bad, my doctor has said

it's the female, fat, forty syndrome we dread!
time for some deep sleep, a few tiny incisions ..
another of life's more intriguing revisions!! 



  1. It may seem funny after the fact, but when we're in it the humor is hard to see. Bravo to you for getting by some of those junctions and still having a great sense of humor.

  2. Woonie? Too much gall? Gall bladder removed? Who would have thought?

    We also know you're one hip lady; and you've given us the proof.

    That's enough out of you, m'love.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  3. Nobody could remove your 'funny bone', though could they m'dear? LOL ♥

  4. Oh...I always thought it was "Gaul" bladder, secreting little Frenchmen or something. *smax forehead*

  5. heh-heh ... what fun :) Quite an art to make something so painful so hilariously funny.

  6. Gall bladder surgery? No sweat! Gall bladder surgery recovery? Now, that's a pain!

  7. Hips and Stones....sounds like a music group. lol Love the humor in your piece, but sorry it had true elements of knife cutting. Happy to see you have thrived since the surgeries!

  8. loads of laugh.such a positive way to look at these things! excellent stuff.

  9. Hi Helen ~~ I borrowed a "Cell Phone for Senior Dummies" book from the library but it didn't help me much. Better luck with your Docs.

    Our boss, a really obnoxious fellow had his gall bladder removed. We were hoping it would remove his harshness but it didn't. I've had my left knee joint replaced, too bad they can't replace your gall bladder.

    Thank you for peeking in on my Twilight/darknes ditty.

  10. isn't it amazing how much goes right in our bodies? I find that astonishing and miraculous.

  11. I feel your pain...well, some of it...humour is everything, though!

  12. So much fun, I laughed out loud. I realize it probably wasn't funny at the time but life provides us with so many opportunities to laugh at ourselves when all is said and done...

  13. I haven't missed my gallbladder a bit. And fortunately I wasn't really there for the surgery, because I don't remember it. I do remember an allergic reaction to the pain medication. Spots, itchy ones, all over. The doctor tried to keep me an extra day because I hadn't slept the night after the surgery, due to itching, but I knew I'd sleep better at home.
    Now, hip-replacement surgery, that scares me. They can take my spleen for all I care, and some other parts that have proven more nuisance than not, but bone surgery...the idea freaks me out.
    Glad you have such a wonderful, cavalier attitude toward it all.
    Laura is right, I'm grateful for the parts that still work reasonably well.

  14. ... I'm approaching 50 (ugh... I should erase THAT) in a few years. And yes, things are a changin'. The trick is sense of humor and stay active - but you know that already. Lead the way, I'm following! :)

  15. (few should have been couple)... sigh

  16. I never missed my gall bladder.......I empathize about the hip as I know that had to be painful!!!!!!

  17. Woody Allen said the formula is Tragedy + Time = Comedy. We all reach a point where we can chuckle about this stuff. My housemate just had her gall bladder out - same thing, an asteroid in her gall bladder, no saving it. They pulled it out through her belly button, or just above it.

    I will probably be a candidate for rotator cuff surgery. Hope I'm able to look back and laugh as you have! "Female, fat, forty+," a great line. Be well, Helen! Love, Amy

  18. Glad you had it sorted, Helen. You know...the cynics amongst us would say no matter how healthy we are, something usually gets us anyway! Maybe they're the healthy ones. Lol.

  19. Wonderful humor on some serious subject takes lots of talent! Many might just lament how sick they are. Nicely Helen!