Thursday, May 30, 2013

55 Words

with permission ... chakradance

the business of aging 
loving oneself
is neither here nor there
knowing yourself inside and out
is what it’s all about
age is not a prison
an obsession with youth is 
creating self doubt, self hatred
which in turn perpetuates panic 
a marketing guru’s fantasy
yes we swallow the pablum mindlessly
hook line and sinker


  1. Helen Dear...
    If we all aged as beautifully as you, all of those look younger spin doctors would be SOL!!!
    Loved your ageless beauty 55
    You are so creative, thanks for your great support
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  2. Did I leave my GIN!!!!!
    ( not the Beef Eaters kind )

  3. obsession with youth is def dangerous...there is beauty at all ages..and you are right that knowing yourself is a major key....

  4. So true, especially in those critical in-between years when the aging process hasn't quite reached the point where good makeup and dim lighting won't make a difference. I'm starting to call it the Sephora age, and the marketers have us right where they want us!

  5. Absolutely - well thought through and well said! Thanks! (I sometimes feel hooked and sunk!) k.

  6. Wise words. Yes, this obsession with youth is astounding. Every year we live is a gift and we should celebrate age instead of wanting to excise it with plastic surgery.

  7. good make-up and dim lighting (I'm laughing at Ann's remark. Ah. Yes. For years I have worn liquid foundation all the time. I have recently said "forget it" more often - I live in the south and it it too hot. I'm NOT saying I look better - I'm just starting to try and embrace a bit of "aging". But I still am a "blond" Don't think I will ever let go of that :)

    Ha. I realize my photo shows me as dark haired. I need to update it :)

  8. Great words and I totally agree.

  9. I do not think I will be graceful if I can't move!
    and that is my truth- thanks!

  10. Ah,you're so right Helen. There is way too much emphasis placed on appearance and youth and surface in our society.

  11. This is fantastic. I love the prison idea.

  12. I once read an old romance by Georgette Heyer where a character says, "When one has become a grandmother, it is time to leave off worrying about one's appearance." I don't think she meant turn into a slatternly slob, but simply loosening (or maybe throwing away) her stays and enjoying the day without hours of primping. I am so there. And I love this poem--everyone knows you aren't the age you're trying to look, ladies--you can tell by the walk--and in the end, you're not a day younger, only making other people rich.

  13. I absolutely LOVE this! I have been going crazy with all the fear driven FB posts and commercials. You've explained it perfectly.

  14. Those of us who are lucky will spend a lot more time being old than being young. As you said, better not turn it into a prison in our own minds.

  15. I know what you mean but have no idea what it's about as none of it applies to me for I have attained the ultimate old man enlightenment... I no longer give a damn. Nice post.

  16. The problem is . . we grow old too soon and smart too late.

  17. It is hard to keep a positive attitude about aging with all the media attention focused on youth - but you show us all how it is done with grace and dignity.

  18. Nice. We all need to remind each other that we are fine wines.

    Flash 55 - prick lee