Thursday, May 23, 2013

If The Shoe Fits

                                      CONVERSATION by Agnes Nyahhongo

if we
are only as
good as our word, why do
we harm those we profess to love
with words

with words
we cannot take
back, nor ever erase
rewind, delete from our sound tracts
think twice

think twice
if the shoe fits
do not let hurt linger
make atonement, beg forgiveness
and heal


  1. amen. i am all for that kinda healing...the coming back together and mending relationships...our words can give life of take it...

  2. So true! Forgive and move on is the much better way.

  3. Yes, Helen, so very true...healing is the most important thing!

  4. Love your message Helen ~ Words do hurt and linger, let the healing begin ~

  5. Wonderful message here and I like the form you used with the repeated lines and the syllable count. (don't know what it is called--sort of like one presented resented at Imaginary Gardens I think, I really like the sculpture too. Wonderful art. Thanks for the encore.

    1. Thanks Peggy ... it's a chained cinquain. Yes, I was introduced to the form over in the Garden!!!