Saturday, May 18, 2013

Imagine Him Green

White prisma colored pencil on black paper drawing
~ Ms. Emma Whitlock ~

I have a greenish gecko
Gordy is his name
our bond is based on mutual interest
he's clever .. a genius .. the top of his game!

My Gordy is a witty chap

high finance his middle name
Wall Street his fiscal milieu
making money his claim to fame!

Greed is good he proudly boasts

money is all that matters ..
need a friend ~ go get a dog
don't want a dog ~ go write a blog!

All around him chaos

his house is falling down
danger lurking just beyond
this disintegrating town!

Gord-O has few options

needs to fix things fast
liquidity his preference
.. and so the die is cast!

Shoring up the "shroom house"

righting all the wrong
that Gordy is a clever chap
We knew it all along!


  1. ha. a rather fun college room mates name was gord-o...i would not mind living in a shroom house....or a tree that would be cool...feel a bit sad for him that money is all that matters though...

  2. This is brilliant, Helen. I found so many stanzas I wanted to mention as my fave but I'd end up copying the whole poem into this box.

  3. What fun this was to read, Helen.

  4. I love that you gave this guy a name, "Gordy," and a persona, too!! Great write, Helen!

  5. LOL!!! That greedy little gecko!

  6. I love this, Helen. My father's name was Gordon. Mom called him Gordie, and in Mexico his nickname was Gordo. He was not a financial genius, and I don't think market ups and downs affected him at all, but he would have enjoyed this poem, as I did.

  7. Go get a dog-go write a blog..
    What matters to some is to feel superior,to measure up to some imaginary goal they set for themselves. The ugly truth is that there is never enough money to make them immortal.