Friday, June 14, 2013

Barn Dance

Inspiration ~~ the enchanting photography of Ms. Merri Melde

tonight is the barn dance
showin' up in my boots
dressed all in denim
embracin' my roots

easin' on down
doin' some yodelin' too
inner cowgirl emerges
I say ~ wouldn't you

dancin' and singin'
'bout how life has been
'Mule Train' and 'Rawhide'
'Don't Fence Me In'

this cowgirl can boogie
and two-step in line
glidin' on boot heels
lookin' just fine

rustlers and wranglers
jeans low on their hips
heavy lidded eyes 
and Elvis Presley lips

clock strikin' midnight
round 'em up, head 'em home
 dreamin' all night 
'bout the cowboys that roam


  1. Honestly, Cowboys work so hard, I think they grab a good time with both hands when they can! Dance, laugh, tell stories like there's no tomorrow!

  2. This is a delight, Helen and I'm ready to believe it is all true too, you in them cowgirl boots...

  3. singing about fun & sin...oh my...smiles...
    haha...they are good ole boys though...
    so keep dreamin'

  4. This seems a fun swinging two-step, Helen, something I never tried. Reading it I see why--It's much wilder than I am!

  5. Love this, Helen. I've got three pair of cowgirl boots. Love yours and the rhythm of your verse!!

  6. Beautiful take on what it really is. A real cowgirl with the lingo and passion of cowboy country. How nice, Helen!


  7. Woohoo, sounds like a fun time to me! Great poem that so gets me in the mood for cowboys and barn dances!

  8. Ah, the vibrancy is all here, and you're ready to step out!

  9. Great boots! Love this poem...Nothing like some dancin' and sin singin' Great write!

  10. Oh, what fun, Helen. I love these lines:
    "Dancin' and singin'
    'bout funnin' and sin
    'Mule Train' and 'Rawhide'
    and 'Don't Fence Me In' — the music of my youth! Wonderful memories here.

  11. I'm glad you added the dusty socks with your boots, Helen. That means you cowgirled up. I love the two step--it's about the only dance I can do, and you paint those pouty-lipped cowboys to a tee. Really loved it, attitude and all.

  12. Greta cowboy dreams, full of swing! :)

  13. This makes a reader want to kick up their heels! :)