Friday, July 26, 2013

For G-Man

I dream in glorious color
in every imaginable shade, hue, tint and tone

And when I can no longer dream in color
I will lose my imagination

And when I have lost my imagination
I will lose my memories

And when I have lost my memories
I will be imaginary, invisible.


  1. Dreams are the ones that keep the fire on.

  2. Well. I'm sure glad that I can still see you,
    (Especially those legs). You are a Peach Helen
    for churning this out for me, it is one of my lowest
    turnouts ever for a Flash 55. Folks must be on vacation.
    Loved your Dreamy 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your great support
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

  3. oh, if i were to lose my imagination, there would be nothing left...just saying....i def dream in color...and see in much color to appreciate...

  4. Without imagination...a sad world, indeed.

  5. Oh, this is so lovely. Yes, the loss of our technicolour dreams would be so tragic!

  6. Lovely...and I hope you never do. My mom, named Helen, did lose her memory to Alzheimers. Of course this made me think of her.