Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Separate Vacations

rewind the tapes
the movies in their minds
vacations and happy days
excited simply
being together
away from work
away from pressure

values have shifted
goals and expectations no longer in sync
painfully aware
togetherness will not make it better
stuck in this life-altering place
a place they never predicted
nor could they have ever imagined


  1. Yes, sometimes (sadly, or not so) things do change in time. And whether for better, or for worse, tht is just the way it is. I like your honesty in this piece.

  2. So true...and happens to so many!

  3. I so hear the authentic voice in this. A sad and poignant piece. Loved it. Do you know the blonde woman in the picture on your sidebar looks SO much like my mom when she was young? we have a painting of her looking so much like this one...I must take a photo of it and send it to you. I notice her each time I visit.

  4. A vacation always implies a return to what has been left behind, and sometimes neither is a palliative to problem relationships. Your poem is spot on.

  5. How true! One gets bogged down and gets carried away by the meandering stream with responsibilities and yearning for the winds of change. Nicely Helen!


  6. ugh. been there actually a couple years ago and had to change perspective a and map a new way forward....not an easy place to be but one you can see your way through...

  7. Powerful poem, darling!
    Happy 4th!


  8. This seems so very honest it almost hurts. I do hope the places through separate are not sad places.

  9. Sigh...painful. Seems life turns in directions we didn't see coming when we started the journey.

  10. This is so very real. Excellent.

  11. This is all to true, all too ofent. Excellent, though sad, Helen.

  12. I too rewound the film
    Gold still to be spun...
    Yours was so honest n true