Saturday, August 17, 2013

Love = Freedom

During the years my mother lived in assisted living, she fell head over heels with a gentleman who arrived every few months for 'respite' care.  Arthur was his name.  He felt exactly the same way about my mother.  They were adorable, dancing, eating meals together, holding hands, walking about the grounds.  However ~~ the staff had STRICT orders to keep them away from anything bordering on  intimacy ... hard to do ... these two senior citizens could ditch anyone trying to corral them. The staff told me they needed roller skates to keep up.

twilight makes its free fall 
their memories caged 
imprisoned in a place so remote
recovery is hopeless

still, impulse and instinct remain
the longing for touch
the feel of another’s body
lips meeting lips


  1. it is sad the lengths to which we have gone to deny people the right to love the one they do---as if imprisonment would change it or we can punish it out of a person...

  2. You have spoken so poignantly of the judgement others place on people. There are those who would rather rob someone of their freedom than let them love whom they wish.

  3. I have written and deleted many lines here, Helen.
    Your post has touched my heart.

  4. So sad that this is happening to people who long for intimacy and love ~

    Good one Helen ~

  5. What happened to 'Live and let live?' Or love and let love, come to that... ♥