Sunday, August 4, 2013

Magpie 180

drawing hands, 1948  ~~  M. C.  Escher 

source ~~ wikipedia

the contortionist

frontbender .. backbender

perspective lies in the eye
of the beholder
we contort our bodies
our minds in
futile attempts to please
bending over backward
running around in circles
where does it end
when all is said and done
others will not see us 
as we see ourselves


  1. I really enjoyed this. Funny how perspective is different for everyone.

  2. Took my breath away..his too! So clever...

  3. And both are tarred with the same brush - how clever of you to pair these two images. :)

  4. no one sees us
    the way we see ourselves

    We know ourselves better! Sometimes some others make it their business to know us to later hoodwink us. Nicely Helen!


  5. We are certainly twisty - bendy minds and all.......

  6. Bend over backwards indeed - ouch that looks painful.

  7. Dearest Helen,
    Why continue to bend backwards that much? Oscar Wilde wrote: EVERYTHING POPULAR IS WRONG
    So let us stay flexible but without contorting our minds nor bodies to the extreme.
    Thanks for stopping by to check out our smaller Carbon Footprint + smaller monthly Utility bill. THAT at least does PLEASE!
    Soon I will show our new exterior painting...
    Hugs to you and hope your hands are okay in this very humid weather.

  8. I have never desired to be a pretzel, and yet, here I am!

  9. Backbender, Fassbender, Werner or Michael ? ..... Cheers Helen

  10. This rings true and I think in life sometimes we try too hard but, we need to be a bit flexible. Interesting write..

  11. ...and sometimes we need to see ourselves as others see us. We are often far too hard on ourselves!

  12. good lawd....seeing that person folded over backwards makes me hurt...ha....i agree with margaret as well...perspective is key...and helps us live in reality...happy friday to you helen...smiles.

  13. So utterly true Helen! Makes me think of how as a classic enabler...I have so many times bent myself over backwards to try to do what in essence cannot be done. Hope all is well with you...have a great weekend my friend. :-)