Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When The Lights Go Out

2004 ~~ Year of the (Orlando) Hurricanes
... within a six-week period Orlando was hit by an unprecedented THREE hurricanes.  The worst of these was Hurricane Charley (145-mph wind.) Frances and  Jeanne brought huge amounts of rain and strong wind to the area .. leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

                         Charley                                    Frances                                  Jeanne

Friday the 13th (yes, you heard right)
Charley hit us with all of his might

Category four sure altered our lives
Hoping that night everyone survives

Orlando .. in darkness
Walt Disney World too

A Charley-tinged canvas
In black, greenish-blue

Transformers exploding

One million lost power

I said "just watch it"
My next instinct? COWER!

On the floor in a closet
With flashlights and more

We were held captive
Till winds ceased their roar

Just as life settled

Trees cleared and patched roof

Frances roared in
Repair work?  Went POOF!

We existed in darkness
Lost all our food

Ran out of candles
Depression, our mood

Surviving the mayhem

Great sighs of relief 

Until three weeks later
In full disbelief

Ms. Jeanne hit us hard
A Category Three

Enough with the hurricanes
Wouldn't you agree?


  1. Oh, Helen. I don't live in Florida, but I remember that year. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been. Is that why you moved far away from the land of hurricanes?

    1. Yes, Mary ... one of several reasons we moved cross-country, to the High Desert!

  2. you know the whole time i lived in florida we did not have a single hurrican come near...year after we left one went right through tampa....did some clean up work after katrina and hugo

  3. Ugh... I remember that. What a horrible time for Florida. Glad you were okay.

  4. Experiences I'm sure you would not like to live through again!

  5. ...ah, what a tragedy... 3 in a roll...that must have been really really really tough... in my 22 years of existence i am blessed not to have yet experienced any hurricanes at all... & i don't wish to... typhoons are quite disastrous already what more if it is a huricane.... glad to know you & yours have moved somewhere better.... smiles...

  6. YOW- only went through one hurricane in 1962 in Oregon.....enough for me!

  7. Sometimes you have to believe that someone is saying something to you! Staggering post!

  8. Three in a row is horrendous.Glad you survived them.

  9. Glad you are here to tell the tale and the poem. Unheard of in the UK.

  10. That sounds like a total nightmare!

  11. How you were able to carve such a beauty out of misfortune is a marvel to behold. Many thanks. I enjoyed your poem.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Indeed glad that you "weathered the storm", insomuch as no physical harm came to you and yours, dear Helen. (storms should I say...)~ And your reply to Ms Mary certainly answered my query LOL.

  13. Yes, I do agree! Of course, Sandy roared in and there will probably be more. I loved the humor mixed with seriousness in this, Helen.

  14. Oh, that must have been horrible ... 3 hurricanes in a row. Glad you survived it all! :)

  15. Oh, boy, that's scary. My daughter and her family just moved to Orlando.

    1. Not to worry ... it's quite rare when hurricanes come that far inland. 2004 was a fluke!!!

  16. that's one thing I don't miss about not living in Florida anymore! I was only there for a year, and as much as I love storms, the hurricanes there can be quite scary!

  17. First: I LOVE your new blog header!!! How did you do that, you creative force of nature. And, speaking of forces of nature.....

    Second: Your poem is great and I urge you to share it with The Weather Channel. I bet they would love it, maybe even share it. :)

  18. Oh my what an experience. Obviously you don't live in Florida any more!!

  19. ... and you high-tailed it to Oregon! Nice move. I can only imagine your worry at the time....

  20. What an experience ~ I now what it means to live without power for some days, very depressing ~ Thanks for sharing your journey Helen ~

  21. Helen, I first have to tell you that your header is just sooo cool! I love your poetry. I could feel the fear and depression in this hurricane piece. I also loved the dance poem-I could feel the beat of the music in the rhythm of the poem. You have such talent. laurie