Wednesday, September 4, 2013


For Poetry Jam

source ~ wikimedia

"call me Rusty if you like / call me Rusty if you dare"
Starlight Express ~ Andrew Lloyd Weber

held on to the past
as long as he could
rust ~ it destroyed him
knew that it would

in prime time he rolled 
over mountains and plains
Rusty the Noble
King of the Trains

put out to pasture
best years are gone
scrap of his old form
no muscle, no brawn

he lies in a pasture
alone and bereft
too old to be useful
lost tonnage, scant heft

beyond restoration
no hope for him now
the scrappers are coming
bells toll for thou

remember him fondly
remember him well
Rusty the Powerful
before the death knell


  1. Machines serve us till they wear out and we should never forget this:)

  2. We do dispose of our old things (and people) when they are really quite beautiful with their rust.

  3. I never thought I'd have feelings for a train, Helen.

  4. Very nice Helen! That is a great photo--of rust for sure. I like how you gave this old train character.

  5. smiles...i like the personification of the train...makes me a bit sad...i love trains...grew up by the tracks and always enjoy their music.....

  6. Helen, I really REALLY like this poem. I would imagine there are a lot of such trains rusting somewhere. So sad really that it was not restored. Your poem evoked sadness in me. Makes me quite sad for the heyday of trains...

  7. I really like this, Helen. Classic!

  8. Great poem and wonderful photo....poor old rusted train, so far from his glory days!

  9. Helen
    The Iron Horse has taken a new place - the rust heap.
    Your tribute is well done in keeping history alive

  10. This is a great tribute to old trains Helen! I love the tone of the second stanza.

  11. This is excellent, nothing a sad a seeing an old train left to rust, unused and discarded. It really is a statement on how many of us feel and age takes its relentless toll. Brought tears to my eyes.

  12. oh look at him... still in his rusty death i can hear him whistle... and his womb full with dreams of foreign lands and the trails he traveled...nice... i love trains..

  13. I really enjoyed your rhythm and rhyme in this Helen. What a groovy way to tell this story. Great photo you've included as well!

  14. nice poem, sad that everything sooner or later comes to the end of its usefulness... that train (pic) is seriously rusty!

  15. Helen, I love that photo! A lovely tribute to a hard working train. There's such a romance tied to trains, it seems sad to see them put out to pasture :-)

  16. What a fantastic eulogy for this old rusty wreck ! Well done!