Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chapter One!

'Dumb' And 'Dumber'

 there once lived a lady quite jobless
accepted an offer, felt blessed
a title, a desk, business cards too
livin' the good life .. she'd pulled off a coup 

didn't take long for that lady to learn

{ co-workers chatty .. rumor mill churned } 
owners marched to the beat of their drum 
known near and far as 'Dumber' and 'Dumb'
no chance for this lady
naive and too trusting
in time she would learn
they were truly disgusting

work ethic missing
lazy, pompous, pretentious
this workplace was toxic
her bosses obnoxious

needing an income, first rule of thumb
 don't leave a job before finding another 
choice advice offered
by her very bright mother

then came a day they pulled her aside
invited her into their smarmy man-space
began a short speech .. (stupid, insipid) 
recited these words to her crestfallen face:

"You're like a big blob of soft gooey jell-o
no ball of fire and woefully mellow
if we tossed you against that wall where you stand
it's anybody's guess just where you might land"

it didn't take long to land on her feet
a tad worse for wear, a bit bruised and battered
she'd sucked up her pride, forgave her own blunder
and learned in due time Dumb and Dumber went


  1. Chapter One! I feel bad for her - she seems so happy (at first)... I fear "dumb and dumber" are here to stay - "as it was in the beginning, now, and ever shall be..."

  2. This is so witty! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Loved "business cards too"! Looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. ooh~ dumberer and dumbererest? fun little limerick here, Helen ~ M

  5. I'll be around for the next installment - this is priceless.

  6. haha...yeah, i have worked for a few of those...
    ugh...your scoop sounds like it was not quite..

  7. Can't wait to see what is next...poor lady seemed so happy, but then dumb does cloud things. :)

  8. Ha. (Do they work in Congress?) Thanks. k!

  9. I'm thrilled to get a chance to read the rest of this tale of workday woe. I'm glad it had a happy ending (if not for the bosses then for you).

  10. I'm glad they went under! This lady took way too much of their @#$% before, thankfully, landing on her feet.

  11. Wow-Lady deserves a Life time medal for putting up with Simply Simon and Sam~
    Well done...sorry for this lady, too....
    We all know this pairing!!

  12. Good for her, surviving long enough to get out of there. And good about them going under.
    You've done this so well, Helen. I love it, probably because I know the feeling, having worked for Dumbest.

  13. Hey Helen--really enjoyed revisiting this. You know sometimes dumb and dumber can pull one down to their level. It can all be very frustrating! Thanks much. K.

    PS - glad she got out before the bankruptcy! I don't think employees' wages get top preference. k .

  14. I think I worked for those guys once... :)

  15. The lady deserves better. Dumb and dumber can be amusingly testing on the nerves. Great write Helen!


  16. Man, I've had these jobs, time and again. Years when I was a musician and held survival jobs. Dumb and Dumber, ha, like the Koch Brothers. Hope THEY go out of business...

    This has a great rhyme scheme, a brill concept. A winner! Amy le toad

  17. Your tales always go with a swing. :)