Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog For Peace Day


The Others

they steal our dreams as we sleep
auction them off to the highest bidder
leaving us with nothing, hopeless

they steal our beliefs as we sleep
pass them out like Halloween candy
leaving us empty, without sustenance

they steal our faith as we sleep
in the system, in our futures
auction it off to the highest bidder


  1. i think we sleep through many opportunities to be the peace...and stand up for the peace...accepting our passivity as a tofu kinda peace...

  2. can be tough to keep the faith... ~

  3. The almighty profit at all costs!

  4. So sad, but all too true!

  5. It is hard to keep hope alive when all indications are that the world is in a hopeless state of misrule and bad conduct.

  6. The world is all noise and turmoil...We sleep with our eyes open while the thief comes to steal. Such a creative take on peace.

  7. Peace, so elusive.
    If only more of us would give peace a chance.

  8. We are being sold out by our leaders that is for certain and are being indoctrinated by the all powerful media owned and controlled by evil people. Good poem!

  9. YOU tell the truth...we are on the auction scary!
    Well Done