Thursday, November 14, 2013

OH MAN !!!!

Tethered ...

men will be men
boys with big toys
an candid confession  
one of life’s greatest joys 

look at that guy
tethered to steel
loves his new car
struck a great deal

washing and waxing
his weekends are spent
forsaking all others
[ye gads, there's a dent ]

naive expectation
pristine it will stay
lay the hose down
come now, let’s play 


  1. LOL! YOu captured this one perfectly Helen. Seems like you know my husband!! Indeed boy and his big toy!

  2. Hellen ...... I love this poem. It captures truth as only the best poetry can. Yours are deeply insightful words and I couldn't help but laugh! Regards, The Boy with his Toy

  3. Sigh!
    Bear with no toys.
    But I won't make much noise.
    Just keep my poise.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Excellent, Helen! You have conveyed the mood of this picture perfectly. Boys of all ages enjoy their toys.

  5. This is so cute. Describes a few men I know.

  6. ha. i am def not in love with car...i try to care for her, but there are def different things i would rather be doing...

    1. happy sunday helen...i hope you have a great day...
      heading back after lunch from our weekend away.

  7. Love this poem, Helen ~~ The loves of my life are (not necessarily in this order), tMrs. Jim, my deceased dog Adi, my cars, the other dog Katrin .

    It reminded me of my buddy, Bill R. Bill had a racing car and I was always there helping him. I learned a lot and sometimes he let me drive it. One day his wife came out of the house with her suitcase. She said he loved his racing car more than he loved her and she was leaving. A divorce followed.

  8. So true - and they start while mere babies. Sebastian is ALL about cars!!!!!!

  9. Sometimes I think they are another species altogether. The one in my house, however, has no interest in washing his car like this guy in the pic. I just don't get it. :(