Sunday, December 22, 2013

Morning Cometh


feeling safe and warm
fluffy down surrounding me
morning comes too soon
bringing hustle and bustle
holidays are upon us


  1. Beautiful bedroom! I think a cozy bed is the best place to be on a wintery Sunday morning.

  2. I like the warmth of that down blanket & bedroom ~ Keep warm Helen ~

    Wishing you Merry Christmas and happy holidays ~

  3. Nice. A very warm tanka, despite of the chill of the winters. :-)

  4. I hear you on the pablum news... I think reporting on world wide events has been confused with entertainment.

  5. The bedroom is sometimes the safest place to be after watching the news.

  6. Wow! Both are fantastic and so spot on!

  7. Ah, sometimes pablum helps us to sleep, but by afternoon even the quilt might not keep us in bed ...

  8. Dearest Helen,
    It sure does feel good for being enveloped by the down duvet + a flannel cover for winter time... Wishing you a cozy time for ending 2013 and a happy 2014 in good health. I'm trying very hard to finish the scanning of our final slides. Making it all digital. A mega task; almost tackled and than I will do the happy dance.
    Hugs to you,