Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't Make Me Do It!


When heading to a campground
be sure to heed all signs ~
they're posted for edification
(read between the lines!)

Forest Ranger's warning
pitch no tents ground level ~
(opt for a hanging yurt)

Carry these provisions
apples, cheese and wine ~
won't have to share with livestock
(when up in trees you dine)

'Glamping' in space is magic
away from the riff and raff ~
animals will never reach you
(except for that tall giraffe)

When camping fun has ended
you're ready to head back home ~
might think about investing 
(in a geodesic dome)

Impervious to the elements
wind and the rainy weather ~
safe from prowling bear and elk
(plus comfy for hanging together)

Wishing you all fun journeys
wherever you may roam ~
camping, trekking, scaling rocks 
(I'm gonna camp at home!)


  1. ha. you know i lived in the woods for a year after college...i learned a lot that year....respecting the world around me as one of them.....

  2. Oh so cute! I'm like you, though...I prefer my own bed and running water. haha.

  3. Loved this, Helen.......I would love either the dome or the hanging tent. Though getting me IN and OUT of the hanging thing might require emergency vehicles and tall extensible ladders. I'm with you, I'll camp at home........

  4. Brava! What an excellent piece of satire this is. I so enjoyed the read.

  5. Me, too, what Kerry said. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. I felt like I was swinging through the trees with its meter which landed me right where I wanted to be--here.

  6. …Brian lived in the woods for a YEAR! Yikes ha ha. Helen, did you forget about those pesky squirrels? They go everywhere - including my roof! Fun poem, as always.

  7. I am a home camper myself, I sometimes wish I went more into the nature, slept more under the stars, it must be really beautiful despite the mosquitos and other downsides. :)

    I always like coming here because the musicality and wit in your poems always brings me me smiles.

    Kiss. <3

  8. I spent a lot of time in the bush during my younger days. I'm a more senior Bear now, and find it just as easy to camp in my bedroom.

    But this was a fun poem. Thanks.

    Blessing and Bear hugs!

  9. There is a lot to bd said for camping at home lol. I don't get in any less trouble there! This is a completely whimsical look at it and too funny, made me smile through the whole thing. The lightness of this one was much needed today…great job Helen!!!

  10. Oh, you had fun! I find camping stressful too. My idea of a vacation is to be in a resort hotel and take day hikes to natural and cultural sites.

  11. LOL! I'm with you at this point in my life! I don't wish to share my food or my bed with any animals other than my dogs!

  12. Love the humor in this...I prefer my camping to have a sturdy roof and walls