Thursday, March 27, 2014

Farewell in 55 Words

After seven years hosting Friday Flash 55, Galen is passing the torch ... 
his wit and sense of humor will sorely missed.

look how they ignore you
walk past your portrait
as though you no longer exist
{ out of sight, out of mind }
dear G-man pay them no attention
{ ungrateful morons }
we thank you for the memories
Fridays will never feel the same
you are funny .. irreverent .. talented
and totally loved
come visit us every now and then


  1. Lol. Love the graphics. It' quite a trick to make me laugh tonight. G-Man does rock and so do his fans.

  2. Helen, you are right on with this. Fridays will NOT be the same without Galen. I think I have just written my last 55. But I will remember him in my heart.

  3. Very creative with the images for the G-man Helen ~ Love the tribute ~

  4. Helen Of The Perfect Gams...
    What an awesome Farewell 55
    I'll still drop by to jab a little, I can't stop that
    Your brilliant graphics on this are amazing.
    I'll never forget this or you
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your great support
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. LOVE the pictures you made to go with your verse. i am loving seeing all the tributes to gman as well.

  6. It's sad but true, people have the attention span of gnats--but we won't forget the G-man in a hurry. He looks pretty good up on that wall. As others have said, great graphics, Helen, and a great sentiment, too.

  7. smiles...nice job on the art helen...
    i have a feeling people wont be forgetting the most kick ass host
    any time soon.

  8. Helen! This is hysterical! Loved it. (and let him TRY to get rid of us … )

  9. wow! super cool graphics, Helen, and just how we feel ~

  10. What a way to say goodbye, Helen. Galen deserves his name in lights!

  11. Well done! Hurrah for people who have enough savvy to create photo's as yours above!

  12. Nice one, Helen! I agree, our G-Man deserves a big neon sign.

  13. This might be your last G-man inspired Friday, but I expect you'll find another reason for posting regularly on the last work day of the week.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Helen!

  14. So great pictures here.. and just as I had learned to love this place.. but forget I will not.

  15. Helen, I just love your special art gallery! Fridays will indeed never be the same now.

  16. Oh, love your pics Helen, and the words echo my thoughts too. :o)

  17. Wow, nice! So creative. Won't be the same without G-man, but looking forward to the new Shay & Mama Z. 55 journey. xo

  18. This was eerily prophetic ... We miss you so, Galen.