Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense

Photograph by Helen ~~ artist, Lisa Graham 

today is the day
clear your calendars now
I'm hosting a party
nothing fancy ~ lowbrow

come as you are

food and drink will delight
one tiny edict ~
your hair must be white

wise as the owls 

old age comes with perks
powder yours ~ dye yours
I promise no smirks

maybe, just maybe
you'll leave quite enlightened
peer into your future
feeling less frightened

we are the 'White Hairs'

don't live in the past
come celebrate our big day
I promise you a blast


  1. I enjoyed this, Helen. I liked the idea that the 'white hairs' are as wise as owls. I admire 'white hairs' who do not live in the past but still consider that they have a rich present as well as interesting future! I will celebrate with you!

  2. That painting is gorgeous, Helen. I so admire your beautiful hair, and only wish I had the guts to go white day, I'll qualify to attend your special celebration!

  3. I'll be over, Helen. At five (so old folk can get back home before dark)?
    I am sure glad your old folk don't live in the past, some do. To Bad.

    Your hair must be white? Mine is grey but sometimes it looks white,
    like in my FB profile picture (below, paste it).

  4. ha. hey i am all for the white hairs being celebrated....we need all of our generations and to learn from one another....they should not be relegated to the side...and i like how you tie them to the owls....there is wisdom we all need to hear....and hey my beard is more white today than it was yesterday...

  5. I love your owl image and the image you bring in words...I think white hair is so beautiful...I hope mine goes white-white when it's time and I hope then that I will be wise-wise. :) Great poem!

  6. I love the tone of this poem, Helen! I wonder whether dyed white hair qualifies or disqualifies me. Still I enjoyed you piece.

  7. I love your words and painting by Lisa ~ Such a lovely celebration and acceptance of growing white hairs ~ I will be right over with my wine ~


  8. I think I can fit in. My hair is a white-brown cross. But my beard is white as the snow.

    Say is Alfred North Whitehead coming?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  9. I love owls, and of course my girl Emmylou has white hair!

  10. I love owls, too, and even though I wake up every morning thinking I'm 30-something, as soon as I move an arm or a leg, I remember I'm a white-hair. I think I'll accept your invitation.

  11. Leave it up to you to show us all how we should celebrate every minute of life!

  12. What a delightful holiday! I'll be there in spirit, Helen.

  13. I 'll come and bring along all the toy boys:)

  14. Age and white hair brings wisdom and knowledge just like the owl. Nicely painted picture and great invitation.

  15. Helen, if my hair looked as beautiful as yours I might go white. Love this celebration, life is to be celebrated and wisdom, experience, great stories too :-) Here's to life well lived and honoring, loving every age...Cheers! :-)

  16. Wonderful painting and a lovely poem to match! Love your paean to old age - It's wonderful to be healthy and hearty to enjoy the fruits of every age.

  17. I love this, Helen. I admire women who embrace their gray hair & I'm trying to do just that (although I don't have much yet).

  18. First, sorry for being late to the party. I love the tone and spirit of this piece. It walks-no dances- perfectly. Clever and smart writing, Helen, but then again, I come to see that in all your work. thanks for posting to the out of standard! And viva la