Wednesday, May 28, 2014


there are facts that I should tell you
'bout the evil things I do,
powers that I’ve been granted
hexes, spells .. bad curses too

not every curse is evil
harmless spells exist,
depends on how I’m feeling
happy, vengeful, sad .. or pissed

good spells to solve your problems
help you sleep at night,
make you want to love me
squeeze me oh so tight

bad spells should you misstep
hurt me with words and deeds,
I've potions, incantations
voodoo and magic beads

when the moon is waxing
I'm at my very best ..
I've given you fair warning
don’t put me to the test


  1. LOL, Helen. "I've given you fair warning..."

  2. "not every curse is evil..." indeed! This is a fun piece which captures the spirit of this month's prompt! Thanks so much for posting to the out of standard

  3. Beautifully written:) curse can sometimes be so beautiful with these words...........

  4. I'm glad, Helen, that your poet can cast a curse that isn't evil. It was a fun read, I enjoyed it to the end. Mostly, I was there for every word. I like your picture choice too, it is the best "conjuring up" picture I can remember seeing. Makes me wonder what the recipe for the brew in the cauldron is.

    1. Somehow I suspect that this in YOU in the picture and the lovely composition is all yours. For Halloween perhaps?

  5. Ha. Very charming, and very cute picture too, Helen. k.

  6. Happy poem and the picture makes me smile.

  7. Fair warning indeed! I adore the pic of Helen a la witch.

  8. I did not want to change your thirteen comments but...

    I loved this...such fun.

    I may need to borrow some spells.

  9. Yes, don't get her pissed!! LOL Love it!!

  10. Love the pic, Helen. And I of course, can completely relate. ;_)

  11. I love the flow in this and the way that you lay out the array of curses and then delve in to a few specific ones...nicely spun, Helen!

  12. The rhythm and the words in this are just so very enjoyable. If you find one to send my way, I would love a good spell to help me sleep :-)

  13. I love it Helen ~ I need some of those potions to give me a restful sleep ~


  14. Loved your poem. Glad that not every curse is evil.