Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lacy Fluff

  Work day is done
Long gone the sun

What now to wear
What dare I bare

Feet in great pain
No pain - no gain

In for the night
Feeling just right

Promise you this
One night of pure bliss

Ditching the heel
I'm needing to feel

Massage and much more ~
Now close that damn door!


  1. Love this piece of fluff! I am happy to know it was "lace" inspired! Thanks for writing!!

  2. Ah... Sounds like a perfect evening and I definitely see where the lace comes in! Very fluffy indeed!

  3. My feet would definitely need a massage if I ever attempted those heels.

  4. Nice, enticing, thoughts here, Helen. The fluff? (Webster says 'something of no consequence' as one definition.)
    Mrs. Jim had bunion surgery on January 2, this year. Under doctor's orders, she still wears tennis shoes (so do I, but because there was no surgery--we wear running shoes, doc okays). I also massage her toes still, doing bending and stretch exercises, of the large toe and then the second toe which the doc shortened.
    A bit of fluff, when we do this we sometimes dream of foot fetishes.
    Oh yes, a lifetime of working in high heal shoes was a major cause of her bunions.

  5. oh yeah, i may not wear heels but my dogs ache after being on them all day at school....a massage sounds nice....and nice legs helen...smiles.

  6. …lacy tennis shoes … THAT I can do :)

  7. This made me smile, Helen. My thoughts went off on a somewhat similar tangent this morning. Oddly enough!

  8. .. disclaimer: those are NOT my gams!

  9. I am smiling after reading this, thanks Helen ~

  10. Love for its straight forward approach to life and lace...bkm

  11. This is sensual and inviting! Nicely written, Helen!!

  12. Helen! Lace definitely took you to a fine place.

  13. very fun Helen- cannot jam my dogs into those spiky heels I used to wear...ah youth! xoxo K