Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strawberry Moon

Native American tribes in the northern and eastern United States kept track of seasons by naming each recurring full moon.  Because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year in the month of June ... the full moon was named for the Strawberry.  

Jaime Weatherford ~ Bend Oregon ~ with permission

suspended animation
nothing moves, nothing exists

sun is setting  
moon is rising

stars, ocean tides
betwixt and between

the moon sings
notes so clear, so near

i climb to bask in the glow 
of the june strawberry moon


  1. if the moon was made of strawberries...i might just climb up and eat it...smiles
    never knew that about them calling it the strawberry moon...or the reason...
    i like listening to her sing.

  2. Ah, the strawberry moon - in my birth month of June. Just beautiful, Helen.

  3. Lovely! I always notice the names of the moons in one of my farming magazines. Your reference to ocean tides intrigued me as well; I am an ocean-lover as well as a moon-gazer!

  4. Love the idea of the strawberry moon. Did not know about the naming of the June moon. Lovely.

  5. I love the moon being strawberry moon for June ~ I am watching out for it now, smiles ~


  6. I like that in June the moon is called 'strawberry moon'. I did not know the moon was given names. It makes the basking in its glow even more special. Thank you for sharing, Helen!

  7. I rarely see the moonrise but I remember it being a sight to behold - just as you described in your poem. :-)

  8. I had not heard of the strawberry moon, Helen, but I like the term. I think there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sun set as the moon rises. Really speaks to the continuity of life. I really enjoyed your poem.

  9. Thanks for the folk tale behind the strawberry moon. It's so enchanting and alluring and the poem is just serene:)...................

  10. the local organic strawberry farm has picking days every so often - would be cool to do so under a full moon... ~

    1. ... it's Friday the 13th, what could be more cool?

  11. This is so lovely - the beautiful photo, the perfect words....sigh........loved it.

  12. Magical and inspired! You have painted this scene with a vibrant – utterly stirring - word palette, Helen.

  13. Strawberry moon is such a lovely image !

  14. Red moon and the heaven is ripe with the glory of creation. This captures the power of life.

  15. I love the idea of a strawberry moon. Your poem does it sweet justice.