Sunday, July 20, 2014

Boomerang Metaphors

This Poem is a Blank Slate, An Unfinished Symphony 

this poem is written on a blank slate

storyboard of our lives
confident, arrogant
I assume erasure is an option
as I choke on thick dust
this poem is written on a blank slate

this poem is an unfinished symphony

a mind numbing score composed
to keep us in our seats
quiet our voices, our hearts
no way to stray off course
this poem is an unfinished symphony

this poem is never ending

it has no past, no future
only here and now
a continuous loop
ceaseless wordplay
this poem is never ending

This poem will never be read ~ invisible ink the medium

This poem will never be heard ~ audience deaf to its message
This poem will drone on and on ~ never ending as war


  1. Your idea of the poem as never-ending is mind-blowing, and then your conclusion which negates all that has been said, when poetry falls on deaf ears and man descends into warfare..... So intensely felt!

  2. A poor poem it is
    that gets
    Don't we all have that feeling,
    when we add ink stains
    to paper.
    Under the watchful eyes of drones.

    Our minds are no longer our own,
    whether the work be finished or not.

    Composers worry.
    Poets fret.

    This is not
    the end,
    is it?

    Blessings and Bear hugs
    wooniest lady!

  3. the thought of an infinite poem... what a lovely thought!!

  4. A new name? I love the endless loop. It reminds me of the endless loop of cryptic messages captured from the German U Boats' radio signals during the WWII. That machine, an early vacuum tube computer, is still working in the museum at Bletchley Park, U.K. It probably was why we won that war. Mrs. Jim and visited there.

    My favorite line here, "... with a pre-planned score ..." gave me a scare. At first read this partially dyslectic fellow thought that Hannah was going to grade us here. I don't like to flunk.

  5. I love the idea that the poem is an unfinished symphony & never ending, like the form itself, a ceaseless shuffle ~ But that ending line just caught me by surprise- never ending as in war ~

  6. Wow! Helen this is amazing. It feels like you have been writing this form....well, forever. Love the ending...

  7. Whoa! This poem made me think. I hope I can always have an eraser for sure. I liked the form, the strength and yet the feeling of hopelessness with that sad last line. Never ending as war...

  8. Well...I had the same thoughts on my heart that Kerry already stated SO well and now I'm the blank slate! ;) But truly, the messages that you brought forth with this poetic style are poignant and I pray that this and others like it will not fall on deaf ears. Beautiful work Helen!

  9. this poem is life itself
    this poem is a streamful of notes in its endless flow towards the sea
    This poem is the never ending light shining on the dark human kind
    This is a fantastic write and great use of Hannah's form Helen....